Risk 1 - Hackers attacks

Nowadays every company is at risk of hackers attacks. Many of them can make use of a number of modern automatic tools that help them in their attacks. By using such generally available tools attackers are even more able to destroy the company's image and steal the money

Risk 2 - Malware infection

Many hosts, switches, routers and applications are vulnerable to malware infection. Total chaos and nightmare for every administrator. Mess in network during the attack can lead to the disturbance and delay of work for a long time

Risk 3 - Confidential data theft

What would You do if all Your company's data is stolen? What would You do if the company's data suddenly disappeared? Every company is at risk of being the target of professional cyber criminals and well organised hired individuals

Our offer for You

Full Security Audit

This service allows the overall safety level verification of the organization. The audit could be performed according to ISO 27002 or other standards.

Network pentest

The penetration test allows assessment of the risks, compliance and service availability. It also verifies security levels of the used services, applications and protocols in the network.

Cisco audit

The perfect audit for verifying the security of the Cisco devices and networks based on Cisco's implementation.

Audit of devices and applications

We do check if Your applications are secure in local environment and during the connections with other users. In this test, we can also verify the performance of your customized applications - quality assurance tests (FQA and CQA) included. This service represents the greatest value for own created applications.

Security consultation

Consultations are the fastest way to get quick and simple solutions about security flaws and implementation without creating redundant connections and directly engaging Your IT department.

WebApp pentest

We will check the security level of Your Web Applications. Tests are conducted in accordance with Best Practicies and with the OWASP Top 10 standard.

Network implementation

This service allows complete or partial, depending on your requirements, implementation of the network infrastructure. The individual devices are configured and secured. The implementation can be carried out in accordance with the selected standard, at Your request.

Devs and apps security implementation

As a result, Your devices and applications can be protected according to the provided requirements. This protection is also possible after the results of the security audit.

Social engineering

The service allows You to know where are the greatest vulnerabilites in the company's infrastructure, also physical vulns. This service is a practical simulation of the attack of the organized cybercrime groups, but completely safe for Your organization. It allows to significantly reduce the risk of loss of image or data theft. Complete security.

Cyclical pentests

More audits for less cost. We will perform many penetration tests during the contract - weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Thanks to subscribe to the services of several audits, the cost of a single audit is much cheaper. Pentests could be also performed remotely.

About Us

BerSec LTD

BerSec is the european company with the headquarter placed in the United Kingdom.Currently, we realize most of our projects in Poland. Our security auditors have many years of experience in IT. Numerous certificates and the will of continuing the education process are the proofs of their professionalism. Thanks to the values that we profess we want to contribute to the improvement of safety and consciousness of dangers in many companies in Europe

Why to choose Us..?

         ...because of our VALUES

The very important part of business is dependability. We believe that this is the best way to build trust and healthy business relationship with mutual trust.

We know that the information that You entrust to Us is often confidential or secret. Our high priority is to operate the data safely.

Our team members still improve their skills. Graduaded international certificates are the confirmation of the acquired knowledge.

Operating with confidence and sensitive data requires trust. We create the trust through all of the 3 above values and through the transparency of the operations for the Client.


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